You don’t know, what you don’t know!

Financial Planning 101

DATE:  25th April 2018 
TIME: 6:30pm
DURATION: 1 Hour + Question time
LOCATION: via Webinar 

What they should have taught you about money in school but probably didn’t; this webinar is specially designed for 25-40 year old’s looking to get a better understanding of the financial world.

After over 12 years of Schooling, most of us came out knowing Pythagoras’ theorem – while 75% of Australia’s say they don’t fully understand the tax system

We were taught how to calculate the circumference of a circle – yet they didn’t teach us what’s involved in buying a home?

Learning ‘long division’ was a must – and yet we weren’t prepared for the world of finance and investing.

If you’d like to start filling in any gaps you might have in your financial knowledge (we promise you’ll learn a few things no matter your level of knowledge!) then sign up for our next FP101 Webinar!


  • Financial Goals
  • Cashflow, Debt & Savings 101
  • Tax 101
  • Investing 101
  • Property 101
  • Superannuation 101
  • Plan B – what do when things don’t go to plan

The Seven Stages of Purchasing a Property

DATE: 10th May 2018 
TIME: 6:30pm
DURATION: 1 hour (+ question time)
LOCATION: via Webinar

Most of us look at buying a property in two parts – ‘save deposit’ then ‘purchase a property’…

However most of the questions we receive about properties are all the little things that happen in between – so we’ve put together this webinar “The Seven Stages of Purchasing a Property”

Understanding the various stages (before you arrive at them!) will have you better, prepared and equipped for the journey. Reduce your stress and potential for making a major mistake, and increase your chances of making money from your investment.

The Seven Stages are:

  • Deposit Saving
  • Market Education
  • Getting Finance
  • Choosing the right property
  • Under Contract
  • Post Settlement
  • Building Equity


Self Managed Super Funds

DATE: 23rd May 2018 
TIME: 6:30pm
DURATION: 1 hour (+ question time)
LOCATION: via Webinar

Looking at purchasing property with your Superannuation? 

There’s a bit more to it than just “setting up a fund”. 


  • Is an SMSF for me?
  • What are the benefits and pitfalls of having an SMSF?
  • Do I qualify to set one up?
  • What are the most common mistakes people make regarding SMSFs?
  • Is an SMSF cost-effective as compared to retail/industry super fund?
  • What if I don’t want invest in Property?
  • How can I maximise the tax benefit in an SMSF?
  • Can you help me to set up an investment strategy?
  • Is buying direct property in a SMSF a good idea?
  • How to borrow using an SMSF?
  • How do the change of rules on a super fund affect me from 1 July 2017?

You’ll also have an open opportunity to ask your own questions.